Questions of preschool and computers

Many parents believe that putting a child in front of a computer and having them learn to use the computer at the earliest age is the because computers and technology is in everyone’s future, but is this healthy for a child’s brain? This is one of the questions that I am going to be researching.

Computers in Preschool: Hurting or Helping?

What is the most Effective way to use a computer with preschools.  How effective are computers with young children?  This is another question I will be researching to find out how I can integrate computers into the classroom in an effective way and still make sure they are getting everything else they need and that letting the preschoolers use computers isn’t going to hurt their brain in any way but help them.

Are educational games on iPods, phones, and tablets actually teaching our children anything? I looked into this a little bit but haven’t completely did my research on it yet and I found that some of them are educational and do help children to learn along with them learning technology. The kids can’t just zone out and the screen they have to interact and swipe things with their fingers and push different “buttons” on the screen.

A young girl playing with an iPad.

How does TV effect your child? The good and the bad in children watching tv. I want to look into this more however what I have found so far is that no child under the age of 2 should ever be put in front of a TV. TV takes away from other activities where they have actual direct contact with other people.  Many things a child needs to learn such as language, creativity, motor, and social skills they will not be able to learn by watching tv.


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