A little more research

There is no question that every child will need to learn how to use a computer and how to use technology to their advantage.  The real question is when to introduce a child to computers and to technology. How soon is too soon, and when is it to late?  These are a couple of questions people are asking themselves.  Computers teach children Fine motor, hand-eye coordination, and also cause and effect.  The touching of buttons, pushing the right button to make what ever it is they want to happen.  When they push the right button and something pops up for example if they are playing a color game and they pick the correct color and it blows up to show them they have picked the right color.  The kids love this.  However on the other side of this a couple big cons would be that children need more people time and one on one time with actual people.  Computers and technology should never take the place of children interacting with other people.  All the bright lights and movements is over stimulating to a child and to their brain. Children need to get up and go play outside and do more big body play rather than sit on a computer and play games all day.   A child can and will learn far more playing with other kids or adults then playing games on the computer.   Also the

toddler on laptop

There are effective ways to use a computer in the classroom.  A child can learn many things though a computer and learning technology if done in the correct way.  A teacher needs to be intentional on what they are teaching the children with the computer.  They are different kinds of literacy you can teach a child on the computer.  A number of different kind of books where the computer will read it to them and they can do different interactive games on the computer to help them understand the concept better.  There are also different kinds of games to teach children letters and colors and makes them excited to learn and play the game especially when they are playing a game where there is different things that happen when they get the question correct.  Kids to adults everyone will need to know how to use a computer and different technology so it is young children’s teachers job to help introduce different technologies and computers to the children in an appropriate way.

Children spend far too much time in front of screens also known as screen time. On average a child under the age of two spends about 1 to 2 hours a day watching tv or watching a screen of some kind.  3 to 4 years old spend about 32 hours a week in front of screens.  42 percent of children age birth to 8 have access to smart phones, tablets, or other kids of take along technology. Many parents admit to using screens of some kinds as distractions “baby sitters” with their children so they can get things done.  For children under the age of 2 screen time and TV are causing speech delays.  The more time children spend watching tv or on other screens the less time they have to interact with other people and with other adults.



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