Educational games and Technology, the pros..

Children who play educational games online and on the computer, teach the child hand -eye cordintation. As children fallow visual instructions on the computer, they touch the right icon and then something exciting pops up to show them they got it right make learning fun and educational.  Writing and drawing on the computer are great examples of the way kids learn hand-eye cordinaiton on the computer.

Technology helps preschools improve language skills.  By reading ebooks or accessing stories online.  Many books and online stories the children actually have different things to do to keep the children engaged in the story .  Many types of language development technology offer multisensory engagement, which offers speed and support to the learning process.

Children learning technology early also have higher capacity for visual attention.  They learn to pay attention to the game or whatever they are doing online for longer periods of times, this helps with their attention span when it comes to being ready for school and ready for other things that need to have longer attention spans.

Computers and tablets also enhance social skills with kids.  Kids play on tablets and computers together, this helps with social interacting and with kids learning to work together and to problem solve together. This also helps kids want to complete the tasks and gives them motivation to stay on the same task for longer periods of times when working with a friend.  It is fun and educational.

Technology also helps children with problem solving.  Making it fun to figure out the correct answer or how to do something they can’t figure out.  They soon realize the more they practice at something the sooner they will learn how to do it.  Children are interested in short term goals and they will be able to learn new things all of the time.





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