The Cons of technology in the classroom

Not enough people time. Young children especially under the age of 2 need as much people time as possible.  They learn by example and by waiting other people do things.  They need one on one time with other adults and not to be watching tv or on screens.  Children learn social skills by interacting with other people and adults and seeing the reaction they make when they are doing different things to them, which is an example of cause and effect. For example when a toddler throws a ball to someone or at someone they see the effect of other person either catching the ball or getting hit by the ball.

Children need as much hands on time as they can.  Computers and technology do not give kids this opportunity.  They are not going to learn how to throw a ball by watching a video or seeing pictures of it done, they need to go out and actually get the opportunity to throw the ball to someone and have other people throw the ball back to them.


Childhood obesity is at an uprise in the United states right now.  So putting our children in front of a computer and letting them play games online or letting them watch TV is actually contributing to this problem.  Children need to be more active and get off of the computer or other video games.  They need to be outside playing with each other and running around.  Big body play is also a good way for children to get their energy out and also get as much exercise they can in.

Children under the age of 2 should not watch Tv or have any kind of screen time.  They need more hands on time and Screens over stimulate a toddler’s brain.  Many parents hand their toddler their cell phone or other types of electronics when they need a break or their child wont stop crying or being loud.  They are actually do more harm to a child’s brain then they realize they are doing.  Technology is over stimulating to the brain with all the flashing lights that adults don’t even realize is there.  Young children need more time playing with blocks and doing physical activity and having one on one time with other kids and with adults.

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